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About Nestor_2.0

Nestor_2.0 is a series of inforgraphics for seniors promoting the latest digital technology know-how, and encouraging them to expand their competences in this area. The project is the result of collaboration between Kobo Association and Mateusz Szewczyk, graphic designer from the New Media Arts at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. As part of their joint cooperation, they carried out research workshops with seniors in order to define the needs and preferences of olders when it comes to visual information resources. The final result of the process is a series of infographics bringing closer the latest digital media technologies and technology news, designed and created by Mateusz Szewczyk as part of his doctoral dissertation (written in Polish, only abstract in English) which you can download here.

Senior-related initiatives usually focus on digitally excluded groups. There are few projects aimed to support those with higher digital aspirations. The target group for our project are elderly people in particular, who have mastered such basics as using a computer or a smartphone and are wondering what else the world of digital space has to offer.

The goal of Nestor_2.0 is not only to present interesting phenomena from the area of digital technology to seniors but also to break stereotypical thinking about elderly people as being uninterested in enjoying the benefits of modern digitization.